About TMCA

TMCA Group Corp offers its client cost containment, case management and customer service.

TMCA Group Corp has developed a thorough program to achieve reductions of the medical bill to the

benefit of the policy holders as well as the Underwriters.

Cost Reduction is obtained with our own affiliations and with major PPO’s and national networks.


Assistance is offered 24/7 by calling our alarm center at 646-398- 9021.

Air Ambulance, Escort Limousines, Ground Ambulance Transports, Taxis according to patients/ medical

escort needs.

Meet and Greet / Transportation to and from airports.

Referrals to nearby Doctors and Hospitals.

Schedule appointments for simple office visits, follow ups, and specialty doctors.

Guarantee of Payment in the United States and all territories that we cover.


Please see above services

In cases of fatality TMCA Group Corp will arrange the complete repatriation of the Human Remains.

Attorney Network

Through a network of attorneys, TMCA Group Corp is able to retain legal counsel each time the need

arises, be it a major accident or a minor accident with a potential for exposure.

Subrogation of car accident and recovery of medical expenses for our clients.